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I'm having issues starting up my 2016 cbr250r that gets infrequent use.
I have a battery charger to prevent the battery from dying and I check the voltage frequently. I'm wondering how I go about checking for a spark on the spark plugs
I rode the bike a few weeks ago after it had sat for a couple months and had some issues when I stopped for gas. The bike basically wouldn't start back up and after I rolled it off to the side it decided to start.
I hadn't ridden it since then, but now it won't start at all. Battery is fully charged, but the engine keeps turning over.

I was told on Reddit to check for a spark, and I've been searching around but i've only found instructions to completely remove the sparkplug, which requires the tank to be removed.

How do I actually check for a spark on the spark plugs on a cbr250r

Thanks in advance
I personally would look elsewhere for a problem.

Based on what you have said, I expect it's fuel-related. Unless the fuel was treated with a stabilizer and run enough to get into the entire system and injector, I would expect the gas to be bad and possibly things to be gunned-up.

Draining the gas tank completely and refilling with fresh gas would be a good start anyway, so I'd do that first.

How are you checked the battery? I would check it before trying to start, where you should see over 12.7V, and also read the voltage as you hit and hold the starter button. You should still see over 10V and closer to 11 during cranking if it's in good condition.

The combination of old fuel and a low battery would explain your problem.
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