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The folks here have more experience than I, but here is my thought process for your consideration and their critique. :)

If you're coasting, and something bad happens that requires you to speed up immediately to evade, you lose time letting the clutch out and you risk stalling from being in too high a gear. If you're just downshifting, your brake light isn't on and the odds of being rear ended go up.

My solution is to pull the front brake just enough to turn on the brake light, and then downshift without rev matching. Engine braking is already using traction on the rear tire, so I don't use the rear brake while doing it. If I need to slow down faster, I use more front brake and downshift more aggressively.

If I'm coming up to a stop sign or red light so I know it will be a full stop, I'll just clutch in and use both brakes, but if I'm dealing with moving traffic or coming up to a turn I try to keep it in gear as much as possible.

I'm still new to this, so I do sometimes coast if I'm having trouble downshifting properly. It's a bad habit I'm working hard to brake, pun intended.

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when you need to stop for a light, depending on
distance and speed when it turns red,
it may be necessary to tap down to 2nd
and 1st as part of shorter approaches,
but it is always possible and better
with sufficient time/distance to change down
thru each gear using clutch as usual..

there is no need to be snatching thru drivetrain
into next gear down, which is caused by
too high revs,, for the gear..
revs are under rider control thru throttle..
all this is basic coordinated use of
throttle, clutch and gears..

coming into a stop coasting the final entry
is not the same as coasting clutch in
at speeds suitable for 3rd gear up..

if the light is already red ahead
theres no problem slowing down
thru gears into the stop..

best is to be still rolling on approach
down to walking speed thus able to
take off from a rolling start instead of
from a standstill..

its not a matter of some rule, or what can
be done or what seems easiest..
this is the best way to ride
a motorcycle into a stop..

'best' as in safest most efficient
for smooth flow thru traffic
with minimum stopping..

its also another form of free practice
in slow riding skill and control..
i only take my foot of the peg
onto the ground when necessary..
this may include barely moving
with feet still on their pegs..

to each their own, of course..
to some every part of every ride
is an experience and opportunity
to enhance riding skills..
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