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My dealer charges $85/hour for labor. My 600 mile service was $170 (plus parts) to inspect the valves and change the oil and filter; they said it would be another 170 in labor if the valves actually needed to be adjusted. My valves were in spec, so no adjustment was required.

Of course they inspected and adjusted everything else in the 600 mile service checklist for the $170 price. The only 'issue' they had was that they didn't have the oil filter, so they just changed the oil, and will call me back in for another oil/filter change when they get it in (hopefully soon).

Thank god I live in Thailand, (where the cbr 250 is built) my first check,1000 km, was about 250 bath, thats about 7 dollars, oil change and everything, next check after 4000 km :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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