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How to change fork tops on 2011 CBR250R

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Hi All,

I bought some new fork tops. I thought it would simply be unscrew the old, screw on the new, but I hit a few issues.

When the fork top came loose, it shot out, along with an o-ring and a metal tube. I'm having trouble getting all back in (photo below). Questions:

1. How do I get it back on? I'm finding it hard to push it down and keep enough control to then screw the fork top back on. Is there a technique? A tool?

2. What will happen (if anything) if I ride without the metal tube in there? Will the suspension just be looser?

2. Does the o-ring go below the metal tube, or above it between the tube and the fork top?

3. The other fork top is really hard to get off. I've already shaved off some of the corners of the nut trying to get it off. Is there any way to get it off besides a monkey wrench?

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Hey man I got the same color caps installed, did the same thing with mine haha. Here's what I did to install mine:

1. Unscrew and install one at a time. As Bods mentioned above, if you take both out together, the front of the bike will drop.

2. For the one you already have taken out: put the side stand down and turn the handlebars all the way to the left. Pull the bike to the left till it sinks the preload tube back down enough to screw in the fork cap. CAUTION: Use a rag or something to cover the caps if you use tools to screw in the cap or you will scratch that red paint right off the sides.

3. Once it's reinstalled, turn the bike to the right and unscrew the other one. The more you turn the bike, the less it's going to shoot out at you in the end. Repeat install from step 3.

Alternate method:
Have a buddy gently lift the front end of the bike around the headlight assembly and quickly install, that way he/she takes the load off the forks.

Hope this helps, let me know if I can help you further.
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