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How to change rear turn signals

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Hey guys, I write you because I have a problem: the rubber that puts together the rear turn signal and the plate mount finally broke up so I had to buy a full turn signal because I couldn't buy only the rubber. I'd like to change the indicator but I don't know where to start, and the Haynes manual doesn't give me a lot of info about this issue.

Do you know where can I find info about this, or do you know how to change it?

Thanks in advance guys!
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Feel free to upload photos of the broken "rubber", I guess the screw is flying out, it is an M6X1 screw about 1cm long - see in the photo Mark (1).
Regarding the installation of the rear winker, to get an access, remove the lower cover, the one above the rear wheel. For removing you need to release two type A clamps (Trim clip A) - see in the photo Mark (2), push inside the clip central penis. To close, take the penis about two millimeters out of the clip surface, Insert the clip to the cover, and push the central penis to aligns with the surface.


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My rubber snapped too. Thankful for @Tamir instructions above. I used what I had on hand, vinyl glue, duct tape, and black electrical tape to mask the gray duct tape so it blends in better. Not sure how well the glue works but the duct tape should hold it together.
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