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How to get to sparkplug? And what type of sparkplug mates into honda cbr 250r 2011 without abs

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Hi, I was trying to find a candle. I removed the left side and found out what was in the picture. In the videos, he arrives at the spark plug through the tank. So is it a spark plug or not? I'm sorry I'm an amateur: D

I would also like to ask what type belongs to the motorcycle honda cbr 250r 2011.

IRIDIUM IU24A is that so?


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I would make sure to use the exact plug. May have to get it from a Honda dealer.

Thank you(y)
1. What's in your picture is NOT the Spark-Plug,
it's the Oxygen-Sensor (36533-KYJ-900).
It is
recommended to replace the sealing WASHER (90454-MC7-000) and then put the O-SENSOR back in place. As with the plug, it must not be tightened beyond what is allowed.
2. The type plug belong to Honda CBR250R (2011) is:

3. Yes, that plug is IRIDIUM Type.
4. IU24 This is the code of the equivalent NGK plug, Honda Part No 31916-MEH-003, that manufactured by DENSO

Thank you very much for the explanation
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