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How to remove wheels (how to support bike) ??

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Hey all,

Anyone have a link or can post on the best way to support the bike to remove BOTH Wheels? Also, Torque values and procedure to remove/install wheels would be appreciated.

I want to swap tires at a shop and I will not be riding there.

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I dont think an owners manual will have torque specs, but you never know. A Chilton or Haynes will work, but doubt there is one out. You can always ask your dealership. They should have a shop manual.

Look up Abba stands and see if they have one that fits your bike. Centerstand would be the easiest like oldboy mentioned. Chains around the clamps and subframe and hang it from a rafter?

Use your imagination.
get some front and rear stands. they'll come in handy for much more than just removing your wheels
Check out the bottom of the first post over at Saik has loaded the Shop Manual to a download site and while the scanned pages aren't perfect, its better than coughing up $65 or so to buy your own copy. I wish Honda would just include all the manuals on one CD with the bike.

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