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How to take of Fairings?

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Is there any gallery or video out there that can teach me how to take of the 2011 fairings? i want to take a few off and do a custom paint job, give the girl some highlights, but no WAY am i gonna try it without the ballerest of instructions...... yes, "ballerest"
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There's a link to the other forum somewhere on another thread in this forum containing that information (wow that was confusing).

Just to make thing easier for you, here's the link Remove Fairing
thank you both i appreciate it much. now time to photoshop some designs!
Take your time removing them.
The first time is a real pain so be patient.

After doing it a couple times it becomes a very quick & easy task to do.
But the first time really sucks.
what would be the best paint for highlights. i dont wanna have to sand, but if you say it wont look right without it ill do it
Bumping thread -- I just tried to remove my fairings now, and for the life of me I can't get the hooks/clips/whatever to let go. Does anyone know any tricks?

All three bolts are out, and I tried both pulling straight, pushing (from the inside) where the clips are, and also trying to see if there is a way to squeeze the clips to get them to disengage. Arguably if I pull any harder, I am risking breaking them as they are only plastic (and the fairing torques/bends a bit already).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Never mind I got them -- Just had to pull/push even harder on the location of the clips (hate the stupid things in my car as well)
Just pull hard enuff and they will come out..........someone put up a video on removing these fairings on
youtube as well
at the risk of sounding like Aufitt ;) i think it's even in your owners manual.
When you go to re install line up the bottom bolt first. There is a small pocket at the bottom of the fairing. If the metal support does not go into that pocket you may have to remove the upper bolts and snaps and start over.
It's in you'r manual it's a 10 min job.
at the risk of sounding like Aufitt ;) i think it's even in your owners manual.
It is, but like all manuals it simply says 'disengage hooks/clips' -- Doesn't exactly tell you how, or how hard to pull (I know I broke 1 on my Accord years ago).

Here's the video too that someone mentioned which shows the clip-part (found it before getting them off):

There are parts 1 through 4 I think, but 3 shows those stupid clips. Personally, I'd be a lot happier if Honda (and other manufacturers) just used screws, nuts, and bolts (or at least the automotive styles clips that work by pulling out the centre like on a CBR600RR).
how to remove fairing

thats me on the video! it was my friend ask for help. then i make this quick video
here of the picture on how to remove your side panel
take it from here but i cannot find the thread

taken from - credit to whose taken this picture
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