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For new members to the site who may not know how to post your photos as full size images, here's how you do it:

1) After you have attached your images in your new post, click on the Preview Post button.

2) In the preview window, click on your first thumbnail image. This will open the image to full size in another window.

3) Copy the URL at the top of the window.

4) Click the Back Arrow of the window, which will take you back to your Preview Post screen.

5) Delete the for the image, and in it's place paste the URL that you copied in step 3, using
to bracket the URL.

6) Click on the Preview Post button again. Now you should see your image as full size in the preview screen.

7) Repeat the procedure for any additional attachment you may have.

8) When your satisfied with the way your images look, click the Submit Post button, and your done.
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