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I'm new to the forum and glad I found this place! I'm all set to take the Motorcycle Safety Course here next month. I almost made the decision to go with a new or used Ninja 250R, but luckily I found out the '11 CBR 250R was going to be out soon! I think the Ninja looks a little better, but I'm a Honda fan for life and the addition of FI makes the CBR the best choice for me.

A little history about me. I'm a 36 yr old guy from Omaha, Nebraska who's never married and no children. I guess I'm either just busy or selfish. :D

I grew up loving just about anything that goes fast. My parents had to pry me away from my trike and bicycles. I've always loved powersports. I had a Honda 70 3 wheeler! My friends all rode dirt bikes so I got to ride those as well. I later got more involved in cars so my love for things on 2 and 3 wheels was suspended for years.

I've owned many fun cars over the years...'00 Integra Type R, '92 Civic CX hatchback (I did a GSR motor swap), '03 WRX sedan, '05 STi, '06 EVO IX RS to name a few. I'm currently daily driving an '09 Honda Fit Sport and I still own a '98 Ram 2500 winter beater/junk hauler and a '98 Subaru 2.5RS coupe (which I let my father use to save on gas). I'm doing a resto-mod on a '69 Camaro SS 396 that's been in my family since 1974!

Rewind to 2007. I purchased (brand new) a leftover '05 Honda TRX 400EX sport quad. The 400EX is a lot of fun, but sadly I don't have enough places to ride it around here (I live in the city). :(

I became hooked on bicycles since 2009 and my collection of bikes has grown entirely too large. I went in on a Ruckus with my father and we've never licensed it. Fun scooter to ride, but I just couldn't see it being a good commuter due to the lack of power. It definitely makes a great "pit" bike at the track however. Maybe I'll license it sometime just to take it on short commutes. We'll see.

I decided it was time to go with a motorcycle and the 250cc class seems to be the best choice for me. I placed a deposit on a red CBR 250R just the other day. The dealership told me they ordered 16 250Rs and they said they're ONLY able to get two. One red and one black. I've done a lot of business at this dealership because they treat me well so I trust they don't have any reason to lie to me about this. Even so my deposit is refundable if I change my mind. I was told the shipping date is May 2nd so they expect my bike to arrive around mid May or so. I'm really looking forward to getting my license and going for my first ride on my CBR 250R!
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