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Just had to share my story of my darling bike.

So in 2013 my father gave me a helping hand and we bought a new CBR250R.
Before I took delivery I did so much research on break in techniques. To many to mention but I decided on one and did the required steps on my way home after taking delivery. It was the only time I heard the cooling fan run in the 8 years I owned the bike. I performed a oil service straight away to make sure the next few hundred KM had clean oil.

I decided that I’d do everything in my power to make sure the bike runs well while it’s in my hands, so I decided to service the bike ever 4000km and take the bike to Honda every 12000km when it was due for a dealer stamp.

Then a sad day happened and my father passed away. He was amazing and helped me when every I did a service in the bike in the 6 months of owning the bike before it was his time.

After an amazing 40000km and 5 years. I had my first break down. After performing some tests I was able to pin the issue to the Stator.
Went to my dealer for it and they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for it. So decided to hit the interwebs. I came across PartsZilla which I found some reviews from this forum which stated that they are legit. I then paid for the new part with next business day shipping from USA to South Africa which only took a finger of the price. #stealerships.

After receiving it, I followed the workshop manual to replace the part and my issue was gone. Better than new. I also replaced the battery just to make sure.

Come a year and a bit later I get the opportunity to move to Australia, so that would mean selling the beautiful beast. I put it on the market for over the market value and was able to get a collector who wanted it in his collection. It was in showroom condition after 8 years with 56000km on the clock.

I handed over the keys on the day I got on the plane. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to part with.

I hope she is still operating well.

Anyway that’s my story.

Some pictures of her one last time.

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