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To all my fellow CBR Owners, whether you are a brand new Rider, OR, you’ve been riding for years…before buying a single Mod for your Honda, consider a visit to The single most important Mod is to obtain the riding skills to operate your bike is a safe and skilled manner so you are able to come home in one piece, and enjoy another great day of riding!

Greg Widmar has a passion to teach the Biking Community everything you need to become the best Rider you can be, on your CBR, which happens to be one of the best Street Bikes you can start on (and grow into) on the market.

You don’t think you need to practice skills? Is that so? Nope, I’ve been riding for years, they say. Please don’t take that attitude! I’ve been riding over 30 years and the skills I’ve learned at Motojitsu have saved my life in more times than I can count. Forget Mods for increasing HP, a louder pipe, etc., get new skills my CBR friends.

Best of all, Motojitsu skills can be practiced in any Parking Lot, for free. Take a Riding Buddy with you, learn together and make it a healthy competition! I also own a 650 pound Yamaha FJR1300, and have practiced Motojitsu with that. I can’t wait to ride my new 2013 CBR and practice these skills with this featherweight Flyer! 😎
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