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I Need Practice Downshifting?

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Its probably me and not anything wrong with the bike but whenever I slow down and I downshift one gear and then I open up the throttle again to pick up speed I hear a - knock knock knock knock (or click click). As I gain more speed it eventually disappears.

Is this me not downshifting properly? I mentioned this to my co-worker and he said it is my downshift and I should downshift one more gear.

I don't understand this blip throttle I have been hearing.

Thanks in advance.

My upshifting is getting better each time I go out. Come to think of it I use to hear that knock knock or click click sound after upshifting but not anymore maybe because I am bettter at it now that I am matching revs with road speed?
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Sounds to me like your downshifting way too late, the engine is lugging. Not necessarily damaging, but your not going to get any acceleration in this situation
I have this happen when i upshift too early... mainly into 2nd and 3rd gear. Only really happened my first few days of riding. This is also my first vehicle with a manual transmission. Learning curve i guess for me. I did not want to go too high into revs. since then i have found that i can go higher in 2nd than i thought. Just taking baby steps. I have found that 5k i upshift pretty smoothly, below that... it is not exactly smooth. Mostly though I am trying to listen more and more to what the engine tells me as I get used to it.
its the chain slapping up and down as the engine pulses because your revs are to low
The bike has a long rev range you need to learn to use it a little more.
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