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I want a sidecar.

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If you can put a sidecar on a scooter, why not a CBR 250R?

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Would it even work?
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The first two are my sidecar, after my first bike show, the next is what it started out with.
The next is a Hayabusa, showing amazing controI.
The one on the right is a CBR1000.
I really like mine, I've had it a couple of years, and anywhere I take it, I always get some compliments.
There are sidecars available to fit the smaller motorcycles, look for the ones designed for the scooters, the mounting will probably have to be customized, I've been a member of this forum,
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For several years, and they are very friendly, and will give you all the help you could need. Be aware, though, that you are going to be under powered for highway traveling most likely. I had never owned or driven a sidecar, and there is a definite learning curve to driving a sidecar. I remember quite vividly the first time I entered into a right curve a little too fast, the sidecar wheel came up about a foot off the ground. I didn't know it was possible to suck the whole seat up into my butt, figuratively, anyhow.
I highly recommend getting accustomed to the rig through doing figure eight's in a big parking lot, especially if you live in a congested area. You will also want to get used to taking extra space to make turns to the right, (or left if you live in a right hand drive country)
Check into the sidecar forum, and ask multiple questions. There are a couple of professional installers on the forum that are very helpful in solving problems of self installers.

You can't be an introvert to ride a sidecar, no matter where you go there's going to be folks asking about it.

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Scroll down about 3/4 of the way and see one advantage of a sidecar rig, try snowplowing with 2 wheels,:p
Best Side Car Rig?

The manual also says my Goldwing is not to tow a trailer, but I added a hitch and it pulls a trailer (albeit, a small one) beautifully.

I'm not saying that a CBR250R would make a good sidecar rig; I'm just saying that Honda forbidding something doesn't automatically make it bad.
I pulled a Kwik Kamp trailer (about 5-600 lb. filled) with my GL1800 Goldwing 5100 miles from SC to PA, PA to Maine, Maine to Mass., Mass. to Illinois, Illinois to Kentucky, Kentucky to SC, and actually averaged 40 mpg, but the weird part was I must have been more conservative with the trailer, because I usually got 38 mpg. Go figure.

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