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Ignition Setup on the bike

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Can anyone who has access to a bike post some pictures of the ignition setup please. I'm looking at finding some info regarding the ignition coil, ignitor, CKP sensor, any other sensors to determine cam/crank position, sensor wheel (number of teeth, diameter, etc).

The service manual that was posted on the other forum leaves a lot to be desired and there is hardly any real usable information since most of it is either out of focus or skipped. If someone wants to donate a manual, I'd appreciate that too.

Looking to see what can be done with the stock ignition setup and a microsquirt.

I've got the wiring figured out pretty much, just don't know what the ignition setup looks like. I have a choice of either buying a discontinued microsquirt or waiting for one which is going to be released soon.

Help me out with whatever information you guys have. In return, I will post everything that will be needed to run a microsquirt on the CBR as soon as I am done installing it. As of now, still waiting for my bike to be delivered. Last time I called the dealership, they said it will be delivered to me before the second week of October, so not a lot of time left now.

I want to be done with the research as soon as possible, so that I can start opening up various bits and start my tweaks asap. Thanks to anyone who can help me or donate a service manual.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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