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Stop riding?

  • Yes; forever you lucky sob

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No; once a rider, always a rider

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • For now; but don't give up your passion forever

    Votes: 6 66.7%
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Holy crap that's a big hit - glad you're ok.
I'm back here after totalling my (bought new) Moriwaki edition in 2017 after she took me on a beautiful 80,000km of commuting and weekend travels. I'm 51 and have been riding since I was 6 on dirt bikes in the country, so it wasn't my first nor last crash. I just enjoy riding, and although my main bike at the moment is an R1, I've bought another 2012 cbr250 to teach my daughter to ride (and yeah for me to enjoy too :) ). Yes her leathers and boots and gloves cost more than the bike but it's my investment in her so that she can enjoy motorcycling life too.
I've ticked the third box in your survey - it's one f#ck of a hit that you've taken, have a break for a bit and maybe re-assess.
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