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after watching the videos Redline posted from his dealer these are what I feel are the steps to go through when resetting your ecu

Step 1: remove ecu by removing righ side fairing.
Step 2: unplug ecu and wait 5 minutes
Step 3: plug ecu back in and turn engine on for 5 minutes. rev engine to redline a few times
step 4: locate wire loom running to tail light
step 5: with a piece of wire jump the connection between the blue and green wires
step 6: with the wires still jumped turn on the ingnition. wait 5 seconds then remove the wire you used to jump the connection.
step 7: your check engine light should nowbe on (solid)
step 8: turn ingnition off
step 9: locate and remove coolant sensor. located above engine under the seat.
step 10: jump the blue/yellow and green/white wire
step 11: with the wires still jumped turn the ignition on for 10 seconds. the check engine light should now be flashing
step 12: with the ignition still on plug the coolant sensor back in
step 13: turn igniton off
step 14: turn ignition back on and start engine. check engine light should come on then go off as it normally does. rev engine to red line a few times.
step 15: turn engine off.
the ecu is now reset.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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