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Installed my new rear set:) First step mods are done

:)bought bikers rear set today from bikers shop in Bangkok, could not hold myself:) I use bikers stuff for nearly 6 months and no discolouration and their design and quality is very good and price wise the the best products. i bought 400 usd worth product from the before, front shock balancer, front brake protector, levers, chain adjuster, clucth cable adjuster, front shock adjusters, slide frames, oil cap, all rear sets front and rear, and more cosmetics so spent around 600 - 700 usd so far including yesterdays purchase, but very pleased, i like cosmetics.:)
Good thing about buying them from bikers is you can get replacement for bent, scratched or problematic parts nearly for free so you do not need to buy the whole unit again and again and i live very close to their shop to do that.
But, also bought front sprocket protector, stand holders and swingarm bar caps. Got two free bikers polo shirt for free
Shiny aluminum stuff hypnotize me always man. Cannot keep myself. Addictive. I think lived in Thailand long time as these kind of shiny metal that shows itself is loved in Asia:p
Total damage yesterday was 260 usd for rearset, stand holders, sprocket protector and swing arm bar caps but worth every penny.
Rearset is very comfy and tough, lots of metal but less heavier than the stock. 4 adjustment modes plus brake and clutch reach adjustment. Shifting is lighter now and rear brake lever has better travel and therefore feel. Besides, good ergonomy. Tucking is easier finally!:cool:
Looks good man. Liked sprocket protector, it shows the front sprocket in action:D
Why i bought the stand holders i dont know as i do not have a stand! :lol:I told you, i was hypnotized.
Looking for the right ecu, projector headlight, nice clip ons and some more led lighting around rear shock. No fender eliminator/tailtidy thank you as even the stock one cannot keep up with Bangkok rain and mud. my girl's back is always spotty muddy after a rainy ride. People curse on my mom for sure man if i get one as tailtidy splash lots of water, it is rude but i want one:(
I m happy again. check the photos please, bike looks good with all these parts together my burnt exhaust man haha.
And any ideas? do not hesitate to criticize as i like to hear things i do not want to hear more than positive responses all my life, much more beneficial, which is better then trying to be nice to someone but not being honest.


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