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Motorcyclenews has a short review on the CBR250R and lists it in Insurance Group 13. And then several people commented that Insurance Group 13 is way too high to be assigned to this bike.

First of all... I do not even know what Insurance Group 13 means as for as good or bad risk. I understand bikes are rated in high risk and low risk insurance tiers. But does this grading system apply to the U.S. Insurance Company models? I have heard of the term insurance "symbol" for bikes.

I am waiting for mine and I just assumed the bike would cost somewhere near what my 250 scooter costs yearly for insurance. Which is not much.

Of course there are a lot of variables that can affect different peoples cost for insurance but does anyone that owns the bike in the U.S. or has received a quote from their insurance company in anticipation of delivery, care to comment if they were surprised with their insurance quote? Or did it fall in line with what you might expect insurance to cost for a 250 "value" type bike?
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