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Pretty sure this in not a 250 but the dealership that I just bought my CBR from is a collector of vintage bikes and has some nice old Honda's throughout the showroom.

We had a small conversation questioning why Honda has not come out with a 'new' cafe racer retro. Not sure about the CB400, but I think Honda could sell a lot of something like a Tu250.

It is a Honda S90. A kid at school my high school had a shiny new one; that was about 1970. In the early '80's the Thai government provided me with one for work. It was ok for my needs (70% on unsealed road), and ok on it's day. However, already over 12 years old and much abused, it was no longer very reliable.

In Japan, you could see the neighbourhood police getting around on something similar (probably an up dated version of the same) when I was there 10 years ago.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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