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hey guys .
posting this in the hope somebody can shine the light !!

so I bought a 2012 CBR250R from an auction ( bike looks like it had been sitting neglected ) when I got it .

so I have a couple buddies supposably with much experience on any bikes from !!!!
I noticed when they came over the house right away started taking the one piston engine apart the valves , they said it also needed a gasket .
Oh I forgot before that they tried to get it started It sounded like NOT much compression that is why they decided to take it apart !!

work done NOW
reseated valves (used the shims and spacers little tiny parts
new battery , engine oil , spark plug

injector seems not be getting a signal from the computer so something like

one more thing as of late last night , they are saying that ecm/computer module maybe malfunctioning .. Can I buy a used computer module from ebay or does it have to new unit so it can be programmed ?

any suggestions greatly appreciated ..

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Welcome to the forum.
injector seems not be getting a signal from the computer so something like that..
In troubleshooting we work like scientists, for every hypothesis, we have some kind of test to check if it is True or False.
You can check voltage on the injector, but the voltage is generated for a short time, so you need a measuring device that respond relatively quickly. Not all simple voltmeters will be able to measure such a voltage, but a normal light bulb will, you can connect a 12V light bulb and checked if it flashes.
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