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Hi Folks,
Yes, new here and first post. I started a blog, of course not much there at this time. A Pilgrim on a CBR250R
I plan on picking my bike up Thursday. The weather here has been stormy. Yes, I realize I'll be riding in the rain; however, don't want my first day in the rain. Though I have some experience riding, it's been many years and I consider myself a new rider.
My plan, as I write this, is to quickly get my 600 miles done, trying to get used to riding again after many years, have the first check done, and then venture out a little.
Plan on going to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Have stayed at the Peaks of Otter several times; however, I am no longer working and would rather not pay $100 a day. Do any of you folks know of a nice clean cheap motel in that area? Plan on a 3/5 trip. Stay in one place and ride out each day.
Yes, I have all of the equipment... Well, will be ordering pants over the next couple of days.
Any new rider advice will be well received.
Yes, have been hanging out here for a couple of weeks. Seems to be a nice community of folks and I hope I can add a little with the trips I hope to make.
Thanks for reading.
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