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Hello; Hi; Safe,

Whichever it is nowadays.
I've just bought a 2012 250RA
I've prob done 200miles on it and I already HATE it. Nah just kidding; but I have every intention of stripping this thing down to nothing and rebuilding it with more precision and care than the last 5 owners; 12000 miles and countless bodges by different "service centres"

That being said; expect many more posts and requests for information from me as I rebuild this amazing bit of kit that has been sadly neglected...pretty much since birth.

FYI : I do NOT intend to do an O.E.M or "Standard" rebuild here; so my apologies to the purist owners and collectors.

My intention is to replace the tired, cross threaded or just plain old corroded parts with the best that suits me and my riding...and if I can find it using t'interweb and of course YOU lovely lovely people.

So in anticipation of hundreds of hours of scrolling.... HELLO
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