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Is it a REAL sports bike?

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. . . now that I've got your attention, I'll explain myself.When I chose the cbr250r and made the commitment to buy, I wasn't really in the market for a sport bike. I might have just bought a bigger scooter. There was other logic in play.

I had come to the conclusion that as fun as the metro was to ride around town at some point I would ride myself into a situation that I couldn't ride out of. I needed something with a higher top speed and acceleration. All the new scooters (at least the ones that are any good) are pricey. Some casual research brought me to the conclusion that if I wanted to keep riding and do it more safely and economically a motorcycle might be a better ride. Well, OK, nobody had to twist my arm to switch to riding motorcycles. Bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, I love riding them all.
Since I've ridden many motorcycles but never owned my own I had to give this some thought; this is the first that I have owned if you don't count the rusting hulk of a 400cc Suzuki dirt bike that I bought to make a chopper when I was 17 years old (another story, another time). I'm really just getting back to it so hopping on a 600cc bike is probably not a good idea. That's how I stumbled across this Honda. I was already riding Honda and like their products. They had other scooters but again, the price and the engine size (though I would have gone for a "Super"-Metro if they put this 250cc fuel-injected engine in it; that would be a great scooter). Other small motorcycle offerings were not numerous at least for street bikes. I didn't care for the looks or seat height of the dual-sport style bikes and I have nothing against cruisers (but am not their biggest fan). There are not a lot of what used to be called a 'standard' motorcycle anymore probably because they all suffer from sportbike styling and engineering.

Anyway, the thing I noticed about many of the reviews and comparisons that put CBR250r against Ninja 250 or the Hyosung was the statement a lot of the reviewers were making about CBR250R '...not being a REAL sport bike'. Hmmm, It kinda looks like one to me . . . and they do race them. I saw this often enough that I think one of them said it and the rest started parroting (No, my journalists wouldn't do that . . . they read every word of the boohk and watch every minute of the movie).

I think it's a sport bike . . a small one but still a sport bike. It suits me just fine. But I'll put it to the panel. Is CBR250R a real sport bike?
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Thanks, all! I am enjoying this motorcycle(and hearing everyone's opinions). It is everything everyone has said so far. Another reason forselecting this bike was I wanted something that I wouldn't outgrow any time soon. Yeah, there will be upgrades (like sliders and spools) but probably nothing engine/exhaust until the warranty runs out.

I saw that Suzuki has a 250 single standard styled motorcycle (heard it just passed CARB so it may even be available in California soon) but too late for me, I'm riding Honda now (but I will go and take a look at it when they get it in the shops).
I think its what you make it. With all the work done to mine its a lot easier to say its a sport bike now.. A small sport bike but a sport bike none the less..

When it comes off the show room floor, I'd say its more of a blank slate as it does many thing well but not much great until you start modifying it.. Commuter, sport tour, sport bike, stunt bike, sport commuter.. It can do it all , you just have to make it your own.:D
I see what you mean, theres a world of accessories and aftermarket parts out there for performance. I could go out today and drop $1k easily on "improvements".

My classification army knife. I have read of numerous posts from riders trying to point how the CBR250 is actually fast, can race etc. I say call it like it is. Any honest 250 rider knows that when you are going 80mph your tach is at 8,500 rpm and if you attempt to quickly pass a cager then it simply won't happen. You need a wind at your back and about a 1/2 mile of real estate to go from 80mph to north of 87mph. So don't try and tell me that it is a sport bike.
Early on, I had the "pleasure" of owning a "sports" car. It was a 1963 Austin Healy Sprite. It had a 1089 cc BMC 4 cylinder engine, twin SU carburetors and I believe this engine was similar if not the same as used in the early Lotus 7. What was the zero to sixty time of this car? When it was new maybe 25 seconds. Yet, it was and will always be a sports car. But you make a good point that when a bike has the moniker "sport" bike it gives you certain expectations of performance to today's standards.

Does anyone know what Honda's record is with racing CBR250R?

When I find myself having to routinely pass at 80mph, I will probably start looking at other bikes (Triumph Speed Triple . . if I could get a lower seat to accommodate my stubby little legs).
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I dont understand the question.

Define 'Real'.
That's why I posed the question . . . the reviewers made the statement based on supposedly engine size/configuration and riding position. In their case it, that's what makes it real.

For me it is real enough.

Another side note: when I went to get an insurance estimate for this bike I got a significantly higher quote (70% higher) for a generic Chinese 250cc sport bike over what I'd have to pay for full insurance on a Honda. Insuring a Ninja was also more.

Which sport bike? One of the banner ads on this forum "Scooter Depot" advertises a 250cc sport bike for $1899 . . .they even deliver it to the curb in a crate with instructions? Yeah it was tempting bur the reviews from customers was generally not good. I think the brand was "Sunny"
The CBR is NOT a sports bike. It's a sports-styled bike. To qualify for a sports bike, you have to have some performance to back it up. I don't just put on a Calvin Johnson jersey can call myself a All-Pro Wide Receiver; I am a skinny guy with a Calvin Johnson jersey who thinks he can catch a football at the backyard 2-hand touch game.

The CBR is the Mazda Miata of the car world. Nothing wrong with a Miata - It's cheap, agile, super fun to ride. It's a bit under powered but handling is excellent.

My 2 cents
Yet another reason I'm on a CBR250R, couldn't manage the Miyata this year.

Even the Miyata is marketed for racing. I know they sell a version without any of the comfort accessories that is aimed at motorsports.

Personally, I won't be racing in a Miyata or on the CBR250R. If it is only style, I like the style. If I was doing track days I might consider another bike (if I was getting beaten all the time) or not since it would more likely be me and not the bike . . I'd use it to go to the track and watch everyone else.

That's why I was curious if CBR250R had a good record on the track (in capable hands of professionals).
Thanks, everybody for weighing in. back int he day when I actively worked on them, I never heard the term "Sport" bike used. "Cafe Racer", yes but that's another thread.

I'll call it a sport bike, and everyone will know what I'm talking about (some will take issue for various reasons).

I won't be doing any wheelies on the freeway or nose stands at stoplights any time soon. I'm not saying anyone here engages in any wreckless behavior; just that when ever I see these things done, it's always on a sport bike. (Let's see you jump those six school busses on a Rebel . . .)

I probably won't be riding mine up at Willow Springs either.
Cheap to maintain, great gas mileage, low insurance costs, parts are cheap, more of an upright riding position, can handle bigger riders like myself and most of all wont break the bank :)
. . . all the things that contributed to my decision (except for the bigger rider part, I have short legs and I'm still on my toes at a stop).

It is fun to ride.

Only thing I can think of on style is I would have appreciated some lower profile turn signals. I've already knocked one off once. I appreciate the break-away mounts, would have been nicer if they were closer in to begin with.
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