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Is McGraw Motorcycle Insurance Any Good?

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Hey guys,

I just got my CBR 250R a few days ago and am now looking into insurance. The best and cheapest coverage I could find was with McGraw. Basically I can get something really crazy like $250k per person coverage (total up to $500k) and $250k of property damage coverage for like $775 per year. I'm a little concerned, though, that McGraw is not a good company and that if I get into an accident I'll have to fight them to cover me. Has anyone used them before or heard horror stories about them? I want to feel covered when I'm out on the road and will go with another, more known (and more expensive), company if people have had bad experiences with McGraw.

Thanks in advance for any information on them!
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For what it's worth, when I bought my CB the dealer made me a quote with McGraw, which supposedly included a discount because I was going through him. The price was 140% of what I got with Progressive for an equivalent coverage.

Now, I can't tell you how good is Progressive when you actually need to use their services; I never had to. But that's an important thing when choosing an insurance, cheapest is not necessarily best. (and yet I chose the cheapest you might say :D)
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