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Is McGraw Motorcycle Insurance Any Good?

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Hey guys,

I just got my CBR 250R a few days ago and am now looking into insurance. The best and cheapest coverage I could find was with McGraw. Basically I can get something really crazy like $250k per person coverage (total up to $500k) and $250k of property damage coverage for like $775 per year. I'm a little concerned, though, that McGraw is not a good company and that if I get into an accident I'll have to fight them to cover me. Has anyone used them before or heard horror stories about them? I want to feel covered when I'm out on the road and will go with another, more known (and more expensive), company if people have had bad experiences with McGraw.

Thanks in advance for any information on them!
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Thanks. I guess that quote's too high anyway then. I'll look at Progressive and Geico. They seem better known and maybe even have better prices.
I'm getting quotes for like $1,200-1,400 which seems incredibly high. I'm in my late 20s and have a clean driving record, but I do live in Los Angeles. I also only just got my license. Still, that seems crazy high!
Like, going with McGraw would save me literally $500. That' dream jacket.
Thanks for the comment. I did google McGraw and wasn't too impressed with what I found. On a few forums people said it was a real fight to get them to pay out. Also, the really nice woman who sold me the motorcycle and knows tons about them said McGraw wasn't really very good. Yes I do own the bike outright. If I don't get collision coverage, though, what happens if I somehow damage someone else's car? I guess I could go with a higher deductible. Better to risk losing it than pay it out for sure to an insurance company.

My boots are Alpinestars, these ones:

I'm trying to get good gear and good coverage considering how much of a n00b I am...
Thank you for explaining the difference! I tried to get several different insurance people to explain and they basically ignored me and plowed on through their questions.
Holy crap take the liability down some and knock off collision and suddenly the Progressive quote is $592! I have frame sliders in case I drop it. If I get into a more serious accident then that then I'll just have to cover it. Paying like $700 a year just in case I damage it does not make any sense to me.
The guy said people just knock these over and manage to do tons of damage that way. Which is, you know, not nice to think about. Which reminds me. I have to go put the cover on it since it's had a chance to dry out after it was delivered in the rain...
Yes that quote included comprehensive coverage. I was going to skip over Bodily Injury coverage for myself because I have really good coverage with Kaiser. Is that usually used by people who don't have health insurance? It just seems like the two would overlap.
Bodily Injury

I would think that there may be some overlap between the two... I've got good health insurance as well, but I got the Bodily Injury anyway, as it was pretty inexpensive to add onto the policy.
Yea it doesn't seem that expensive. I think they help you make the deductibles you would have to pay under your health insurance anyway.
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