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Is the CBR250 weak and toy-like?

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So I'm waiting on my dealership to give me a call telling me that my red ABS-equipped bike has arrived.

In the meantime, I've been looking at pictures and videos, especially the ones comparing this bike to the Ninja 250, which I used to own a few years ago.

The reason I'm going with the Honda is mainly because it's fuel injected (I hated having to wait a few minutes for the stupid Ninja to warm up, having to mess with the carburetor, having to clean them, etc.). I'm excited about the reports on the smooth shifting, great pick-up-and-go off the line (at intersections, especially), and the fact that it is easily driven and nimble in traffic.

I just can't get over the feeling that the Ninja is so much more "sportsbike" looking than the CBR. It looks mean and growly, ready to eat up the road. The CBR kind of gives me the look that it's more like a toy.

Does anyone else have this concern? Can anyone that actually has one give me any info on what they feel like with it?

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No, I'm not looking to buy big. Being 5'5" and about 135 soaking wet, I don't want to ride atop a wild beast. Biggest I will ever go to is if there is ever a Ducati Diavel 600 (fat chance, but a GORGEOUS bike!).
i'm 5' 105 lbs and handle my 600rr just fine. i wouldn't call the 250r a toy bike, i rode a dr200se for a year on the street and that was a toy. this definitely has more power and is smoother. i rode the old body ninja 250 and that definitely felt like a bicycle with a motor. but a small light bike for around town is perfect. i don't plan on taking mine to the track or on mountain runs though
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