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Is the chain supposed to sound like that?

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I noticed while riding my chain seems to sound like its grinding. I've checked the slack, its fine. Its still lubed from when it left the dealer. So why is it so rough sounding? Has anyone else had this issue or is that how its supposed to sound?
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Be sure the brush isn't a metal brush as it can damage the o rings in the chain. Also rain will dry your chain out. Also they put pure garbage on from the factory that is thin and slings off within a 100 miles! Both my bike and my wife's bike had a pitch black wheel after 100 miles from the chain slinging oil. I use the Maxima spray on wax and after 300+ miles my rear wheel is still clean when I re-lube it. Another thing is, you don't NEED a stand to lube your chain properly, it just makes it easier.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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