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Let's nip this sportsbike nonsense in the bud

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OK, I love my CBR 250R, it's a brilliant little agile and econonomical COMMUTER, which is just why I bought it, but it is still MUCH SLOWER than most 250 cc SPORTS bikes from 30 years ago. Your comments please. ;)
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When I bought mine I had just recently made a major change of life and moved to the Philippines on a full time basis. I will admit I did want a bigger bike when I bought this one.

I looked all over at the motorcycle dealers in and around the area that I live, the biggest I had seen was the CBR150R, all of the dealers said that was the biggest bike available. HMMPH didn't like that answer, so I expanded my search area.

I found a Honda dealer over by my wife's moms house, walked in the show room... they had the 250 on the showroom floor. I asked about a 600 or anything bigger then the 250. AGAIN BIGGEST BIKE AVAILABLE!!! After a few days of thinking about it, i went back and bought it.

At first was happy with the performance that it does have, still wanted a bigger bike in the back of my mind. Now after driving the hell out if it I am very happy with the 250, its not a 600 or 1000, but in all reality there isn't any place on the 1000 islands of the Philippines to really use all of the power they have.

The 250 commutes really well with all the traffic in Manila, I can and do go between all the cars on the highways, they will move over enough for u to squeeze through, have seen a few 600's that couldnt squeeze through where I could. I am sure they could have made it between the cars, but opted to find a bigger opening.

For the place I live and the area I drive a 400cc would be a bit better, as expressway limitations are 400cc and above, but for day to day commuting, site seeing, long haul rides my 250 does everything I ask of her and more.

I am sure I will upgrade to a bigger bike one of these days (Kawi 400 sounds good) , but I will keep my 250, to go cut them twisties in half.

Not a sports bike, not a big cruiser, but everything i want and need for now.
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