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Let's nip this sportsbike nonsense in the bud

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OK, I love my CBR 250R, it's a brilliant little agile and econonomical COMMUTER, which is just why I bought it, but it is still MUCH SLOWER than most 250 cc SPORTS bikes from 30 years ago. Your comments please. ;)
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Its pretty hard to throw a definition at the cbr250r. Its decent at most of the bike categories, but its not great at any of them. Because of this, the most accurate description I have is that the its a street bike. My explanation for this is thus:

Handling is actually pretty dman good. The bike is light and balanced, and because of this it corners and stops with confidence inspiring grace. Performance in the twisties is definitely not a problem for this bike. Power however, is woefully lacking. So much so that I can't consider this a sport bike. Acceleration is less than that of the most beige car in existence, the Toyota Camry, and a Honda Civic would crush it in a drag race of any distance. Top speed can be as high as 102mph, that is, provided you've got the patience and a few uninterrupted miles and minutes to get there.

So the cbr250r is sport bike ish, but not a sport bike.

Cruising is not so bad on this bike either. It has a nice deep growl, and barks when you give it a fistful. The riding position is pretty comfortable, and the rpm aren't stratospheric at 70mph. However, the look, feel, and panache of a cruiser are definitely not there. Its too small, the seating position is a bit to face forward and not upright enough, and because of it's sporty light weight its not as rock solid stable as a cruiser at speed. That and the 'air of a cruiser' feeling is almost completely missing.

So the cbr250r is cruiser ish, but not a cruiser either.

As an economical commuter it ticks a lot of the right boxes. Fuel economy is over 60mpg even if you drive like an oxygen sensor (gear heads'll get that one), and can do almost 80mpg if you drive sensibly. It even runs on comparatively inexpensive 87 octane fuel. However, you can get a scooter with almost the same power that'll do 100mpg+ for the same money. And it'll be more comfortable. And it'll have more cargo space. And it'll be cheaper to insure.

So the cbr250r is not the most practical option either.

If I had to define what the cbr250r DOES excel at, I'd say it excels at the ability to be like ANY of the aforementioned motorcycle that at any time. If you fancy ripping up the local B roads or having a go at a canyon run, the cbr250r will be right there with you up to the task. Should you want to take a long lazy cruise up the coast of California on highway 101 have at it, the cbr250r won't howl like a banshee, and it will be a comfortable reflective ride. And while you're commuting to work and breezing by stopped cars through rush hour traffic, you can sit secure in the fact that your're getting there faster and using far less fuel than your four wheel compatriots. And you'll enjoy the drive. And you'll have a much easier time parking when you get there.

So the cbr250r is an all around street bike then, a Jack of all trades.

And that's why I have one.

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