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Let's nip this sportsbike nonsense in the bud

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OK, I love my CBR 250R, it's a brilliant little agile and econonomical COMMUTER, which is just why I bought it, but it is still MUCH SLOWER than most 250 cc SPORTS bikes from 30 years ago. Your comments please. ;)
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It's already been said, but I can't help but pile on. I don't care what you classify the CBR250R as, I only care about one thing: It's MY bike. Sometimes I'd love more speed, sometimes I'd love more comfort, but I have never found the bike to not be absolutely stellar in terms of the feeling I get while riding it. I admit I look at other bikes, I even lust after some (Street Triple R comes to mind), but when I'm on MY bike, there's no where I'd rather be.

Comparing the CBR250R to a Miata is a pretty good fit, in my opinion. Great balance, a fun ride, and, oh yes, it's reasonably practical and economical at the same time. No, it's not going to set any performance records, but when you're piloting it, you're in control and you're enjoying it. What else do you really want?
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