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Let's nip this sportsbike nonsense in the bud

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OK, I love my CBR 250R, it's a brilliant little agile and econonomical COMMUTER, which is just why I bought it, but it is still MUCH SLOWER than most 250 cc SPORTS bikes from 30 years ago. Your comments please. ;)
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In the case of "super"sport, the term comes from racing. There are two main classes of motorcycle racing, supersport and superbike. Supersport rules dictate the bike must have less then 600cc for 4 cylinder engines and a little higher cc for twins. Superbike rules are generally less then 1000cc for 4 cylinders and a little higher for twins again. That's where the terms originated from.

Supersport World Championship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Superbike racing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Yeah, I've been to a few FIM World Superbike races, and AMA Road Racing events over the years. Seems like it is just a marketing thing to carry the term over to motorcycles sold for street use... it just encourages squids to go out and do what squids do.

Anyway, I was speaking of the general use of the term "Super".

As far as motorcycles go, they are all Sport Bikes, no matter the engine size. Even the CBR250R, IMO.
I consider my Huffy a sport bike.
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