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Lets see your dirt bikes!

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I just got back into dirt riding, after a 25 year hiatus.
I have 2 Yamaha Banshee atv's, but I was never able to ride with my dirt bike buds on some of the single track trails.
The Banshees really don't do well in the woods anyways.

So I bought a Kawasaki KLX300R for a great price from a buddy that got a new WR450R.
Great bike, but wanted a street legal dual sport for riding on some of the gravel roads near me, that lead to the fun trails.

I found a good deal on a Suzuki DR Z400S. What a nice, stable bike off road.
Here are a few pics from riding near my home, on the minimum maintenance roads, and trails. Took it easy, as it's been a long time...

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BBR, that last one immediately made me think of that song "Tree Top Flyer" :)

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Argh!!! Win some lose some, either way you're racing!
I've already posted one of these before elsewhere on the forum, but well, this is a thread about our dirtbikes... and this one was my 2nd one. Look at that lil noob go!!! Who cares that I missed the corner and went thru the weeds, I was having a blast. :)

So serious...

Wearing my Nava street helmet cuz we'd decided at this point that we were no longer using open-face helmets and had yet to get any MX helmets with a chin guard. And I think those are actually racquetball gloves... long before I'd ever heard ATGATT.
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1 - 4 of 56 Posts
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