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light problem

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My front brake light, dash board backlight is not working properly. dashboard lights up when i press both rear and front brake. the pilot (parking) lamps is not working at all. need to know where should i check first. thanks in advance :smile2: my front brake light doesnt work too ..
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Check the fuses first, but from the sound of it there may be a ground issue that's causing the problem - like a pinched wire or bad connection on a ground.
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The battery could be the problem. Check the voltage of the battery across both terminals, then check it using the + side on the battery and the - side on a bolt or bare spot on the frame. They should be the same if you have a good ground to the frame from the battery.

Check all of the battery connections and confirm that you have a battery that will hold a charge. It should be over 12.7V before cranking and 10 to 11V during cranking. When running it should be over the voltage you got before cranking or there is a charging issue.
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