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light problem

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My front brake light, dash board backlight is not working properly. dashboard lights up when i press both rear and front brake. the pilot (parking) lamps is not working at all. need to know where should i check first. thanks in advance :smile2: my front brake light doesnt work too ..
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Was the issue solved , im facing the same issue with the speedo light , tail light and number plate light, when both the brakes are pressed all the 3 glow.
Hi, you are describing a problem that I think is related to the wire harness, a wire touching another wire because the insulation is damaged, then you get "Organ" of lights.

Usually the insulation is damaged for one of the following four reasons:
1. Due to poor design, the wires are worn by another mechanical assembly that moves next to them and touches them. This is probably not the case this time, there are no known problems of this kind in our model.​
2. The original insulation was damaged due to careless installation of accessories.​
3. Hungry rodents that like to crunch electrical wires.​
4. Loose contact in the connector that transmits a lot of power. It usually happens at the connector that comes out of the three phases of the stator (as happened to me this week). The loose contact causes a lot of heat. That heat burns the plastic of the connector, burns the wires insulation. And if you don't stop it, the heat will burn additional wires that are tie up near the wire that got hot, because they are tie together at the wire harness.​

And there is also the good advices of jky357 and I copy them here as well:
Check the fuses first, but from the sound of it there may be a ground issue that's causing the problem - like a pinched wire or bad connection on a ground.
Check all of the battery connections and confirm that you have a battery that will hold a charge. It should be over 12.7V before cranking and 10 to 11V during cranking. When running it should be over the voltage you got before cranking (13.1V) or there is a charging issue.
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Since I destroyed two good batteries, and once I also almost got stuck on the road, and since I learned how simple the test is, then also yesterday when the motorcycle was ready to go down the road I did this test. When the engine is at idle RPM, you should measure at least 13.2V on the battery terminals. This time I measured 12.8V and saw while measuring that the voltage continues to drop (ie there is a charging problem).
Only this year I changed coils, so the first desire is to ignore the problem, start the bike, and then discover that there is a problem after the amount of damage is already really great.

When there is a charging problem, the next step is to check the AC voltage on the coils. I measured through the connector of the regulator, and found that one phase was disconnected. I went one more step back and found that the stator connector was burnt bad.
I exposed the coil wires in a lower place to try to prevent a short, I checked that there was no short, I started the engine and it turned out that probably the coils were not damaged. And in any case I will open and show the coils for close inspection, because I now have to replace the three black wires and the connector.
On the side of the wire harness, it seems to me that the heat did not cause damage to the harness, but there I will do one more close inspection.
And now let the pictures speak for themselves:
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