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Light weight bikes rule!

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Well, we all know this but...reason #101: I was in a big hurry the other day and had some extra gear with me. Parked the bike and jumped off so quick I forgot to put the kickstand down. Within inches of slamming the bike down, I was able to yank her back up without making any contact with the ground. Try that with a heavier bike. I think my arms would have ripped out of the socket cuz I sure as hell wasn't letting go of the bike. Shoulder sore for 3 days and worth every bit of pain. :D
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same thing! Pulling out today on a 25mph zone. my driveway. down hill and has a lip and bottom. car passed and i started pulling out and this other car came around corner doing atlas 50. slammed on front break as soon as tire hit lip over she went. I was able to stop it though. took every bit of my strength to slow the inertia though. Thought to myself man if this was a 600 id be buying fairings right now. love a light bike
I failed to catch my Nighthawk 750 on a few of occasions. Of course with that bike, when I did drop it, the only thing to get damaged was my ego.
I've had a few occasions that I lost footing or something and had to catch it. One time I did scratch a mirror because it got so close to falling. It's light enough to just pick it back up though!
Same here I've saved mine a few times already, once while fully loaded when touring. I was tired and sloppy and let out the clutch and it stalled and leaned hard... I'm glad it's lightweight, otherwise I'd have gone down with it.
Dropped my goldwing in the driveway and it took two people to get it back up and it was still a hand full. Yes there is an advantage having a light bike
Its not much lighter than a 600 really, maybe 15kg but sure feels it.
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