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Liquid Image Ego HD Action Camera - Includes Free Micro-SD 8gb Memory Card!

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We first heard about the Liquid Image Ego HD camera when it was announced back in January, and we’ve been looking forward to getting our hands on one ever since. The initial word was that it would have a low price-point and feature built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as a host of other features straight out of the box. Well, the Ego showed up at the Riders Discount office earlier this week and we can confirm that our original impression was spot on.

The Liquid Image Ego, like any camera of this type, is designed to record you or your friends in action so you can watch or share it later. This one gives you the choice of recording in two HD modes - 1080p at 30fps, or 720p at a super smooth 60fps. You’re also able to take 12 megapixel images individually, or in a continuous multi-shot mode. These video/imaging features are comparable to other action cams, but the Ego does it at a much lower price. In addition to the value, this camera really sets itself apart from the competition with its ease of use and the built-in Wi-Fi.

All features of the camera are controlled using two buttons on the top of the body. The first is the power/mode button and the second is the shutter/select button. A small LCD readout splits the two buttons and gives you basic information like shooting mode, Wi-Fi status, battery life, etc. There is also a convenient LED light on the front that changes colors depending on the mode so that you can easily tell if it is set to your liking at a glance. Controlling all the features with just two buttons may sound a little confusing to those that haven’t used a camera of this type before, but it really only takes minutes to get the hang of it.

One of the best features of this camera is that you can connect it to your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone via the free ActionConnect app. This app not only allows you to use your phone as a viewfinder when setting it up to record, but also lets you wirelessly transfer your video files to your device or directly to social media sites like Facebook and Youtube. This type of mobile connectivity is available on other cameras, but the competition is not only significantly more expensive, but some also require additional modules to be able to connect in this way.

The Ego is available in your choice of black, red, white, blue or yellow and it ships with all you need to get recording. This means that you get the camera, a mount, an extra adhesive pad, a USB cable, and a protective face cover. A wide variety of accessories will also be available very soon. Options like a fully waterproof case, suction cup mount, external battery pack, Wi-Fi range extender will help make this even an more versatile camera than it already is. We will be sure to update the post with more details when they arrive.

If you’re interested in a high-quality action camera that has a ton of great features at an extremely competitive price, be sure to contact Brad at Riders Discount today! You can reach him by calling 866.931.6644 ext. 810, or by sending a PM through the forum. Feel free to send an email if that is more convenient as well. Those can be sent to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM, and we’ll get back to you right away!

The Liquid Image Ego camera is available in black, as well as red, white, blue and yellow.

The included USB cable allows you to charge and transfer files to your computer if you aren’t connected via Wi-Fi. A mini-HDMI port also lets you connect to any HDMI display for viewing on a large screen.

All features are easily controlled by the two buttons and the LCD readout tells you all the basic info you need about how it is set at any given time.

The front LED displays a different color for each shooting mode and flashes when recording.

Turn on the Wi-Fi and you can connect the Ego to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device for advanced shooting options, wireless file transfers and a viewfinder.

The Ego comes with a splash proof front protector. If you need something completely waterproof you can also order an optional waterproof case.

MSRP $179.95
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This looks cool, and the ability to stream recorded video to mobile devices is brilliant. Two questions - what type of media does it record to and can it be separated easily from the base (ie remove camera and leave base attached to bike)?

I was going to look at a ReplayXD but with the WiFi options, this may just be the way to go.
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