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Long distance travel

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I want to know peoples experiences on long distance traveling on the CBR250. What's the longest trip you taken? Was the ride comfortable? Any issues along the way?
My longest ride was a day trip along a winding road in northern Ontario. AWESOME trail.
Next summer I'm thinking of a cross Canada trip.
Any thoughts?
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I was inspired by Bob Munden's rides on his CBR125R, at 6'5" (195cm) and 95kg (say 210lbs) though I only managed to ride an IBA SS1600K (1000miles). I will have a crack at an SS2000K ride on it one day. However, I had bigger things in mind and bought my awesome CBR250R, did an SS1600K on it as a test run a few weeks back. Two days ago arrived home with a fully documented IBA 100CCC Insanity in the bag riding the CBR250R. That's Newcastle NSW to Perth Western Australia and back to Newcastle NSW (Coast to Coast to Coast) in less than 100 hours. The round trip was a tiny bit under 8000km (5000 miles) and it took 98 hours. I didn't smell any roses, they make me sneeze. I do however love to ride motorcycles and do stop when I need to.

Will write a ride report very soon.
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Can't wait to hear about it. How fast can you ride without getting a ticket? What sleep strategy did you use?
Ride report done in that section of the forum. Sleep strategy for this ride is simple. You have to ride roughly 2000kms (1250 miles) per day. You sleep for however long you have left after you do that. Get up and do it again three more times. You have 50 hours to do each leg, so you use the extra 2 hours if you don't need it on the road for sleep after day 2 and if you are game maybe an extra hour after day 3 so you have some time up your sleeve for the ride home.

The speed limit over here is 110kph (70mph) you are generally safe at 115kph in the States I rode through. My moving average was 105kph. These rides are not about going fast. Do that and you will just get more tired and ultimately travel slower. They are about efficiency e.g. A refuel from a jerry can takes me just over 4 minutes with helmet and gloves on. 8-10 minutes to buy fuel including paying, getting the receipt and logging the stop. When you refuel 30 times in a ride 15x say 4 minutes saved is an hour which is an extra 105 Kim's travelled. Easy. You would have to travel 20kph faster for 5 and a bit hours to make up that time by going fast. Then if you get a ticket you lose it. Also going faster means burning more fuel and needing more stops. Find the sweet spot for speed/economy on the bike and stick there.

Hope that helps.
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