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Long distance travel

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I want to know peoples experiences on long distance traveling on the CBR250. What's the longest trip you taken? Was the ride comfortable? Any issues along the way?
My longest ride was a day trip along a winding road in northern Ontario. AWESOME trail.
Next summer I'm thinking of a cross Canada trip.
Any thoughts?
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I fly down the highway in any weather on my CBR250R. 11,000 miles on it so far. 8,000 at 70 mph on the highway. I draw the line at falling snow or ice. My longest trip so far was down and back 460 miles in a day to Americade. 42F and thick fog in the early morning and 48 F and pelting rain for two hours on the way home in the dark (Wednesday if you were there). Running effortlessly in the fast lane at 75-80 mph with the fastest car on the road in my sights a half mile up to let him catch the ticket. My next trip will be 470 a day each way with camping gear to meet Craig Vetter at Mid Ohio on July 20.
8000km (5000 miles) and it took 98 hours.
Can't wait to hear about it. How fast can you ride without getting a ticket? What sleep strategy did you use?
The bike is everything! The nicer the saddle the farther you can ride comfortably!!!
You can customize the saddle on any bike. The point is that you don't need a 700 pound, 100hp, 40 mpg monster to effectively travel cross country. These extreme mileage accomplishments are good promotion for the fact that with some slight attitude adjustment, small displacement bikes can be effective, efficient, real world transportation.
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I ride wearing my padded bicycle shorts, the best thing to wear on a long trip!
Agree. Bike shorts are the best undergarment for long days in the saddle.
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Lake Superior was still partially frozen at the end of May so it was cool-ish when near the water.
Did you use any heated clothing?
What is a reliable range when loaded at highway speed 70MPH+.
You will have to find out what your average consumption turns out to be after the first couple tanks. Plan on 200 miles/ 320km maximum at 70 mpgUS which you can hit at 70 mph if you bring a big tank bag to lean your chest down on such as the Cortech super 2.0 18 liter. You will also learn the fuel gauge. When my 4th bar disappears i have half tank plus .7 gallons reserve. When the 3rd bar disappears, i have 1/3 plus reserve remaining. 4,300km is too far for three days unless you have already been doing 200km days regularly on another bike as training.
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