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Long distance travel

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I want to know peoples experiences on long distance traveling on the CBR250. What's the longest trip you taken? Was the ride comfortable? Any issues along the way?
My longest ride was a day trip along a winding road in northern Ontario. AWESOME trail.
Next summer I'm thinking of a cross Canada trip.
Any thoughts?
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Long distance?

I got yer long distance right here!

There is a gent named Bob Munden. He rides a CBR125R long distances.

Visit the CBR125 forum for full details. Here is the site: Community Forum

Here is how Bob introduces his latest achievement on his 125.

"I just thought that some of you might like to know that the CBR 125 is not as slow as most think.
On July 28 it went 1558 miles in under 24 hours (23 hours 57 minutes). This ride has now been
certified by the Iron Butt Association after a full review of the witnesses and documentation."

And how many kilometers is that, in one day? 2508
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