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Long distance travel

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I want to know peoples experiences on long distance traveling on the CBR250. What's the longest trip you taken? Was the ride comfortable? Any issues along the way?
My longest ride was a day trip along a winding road in northern Ontario. AWESOME trail.
Next summer I'm thinking of a cross Canada trip.
Any thoughts?
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WOW and it's cool to read about long distance rides that noone CAN say it can't handle it! I agree about an earlier post about you don't need a bigger bike to do it. A 250cc has proven in the past and present, it CAN and WILL handle anything thrown at it!
Definitely can handle big distances - week before last I knocked off a 3 day 2900k blast from Sydney to the Great Ocean Road (a little past Melbourne), including a lap of the Snowy Mountains. All just names to you I'm sure, but probably some of the best riding in Oz.

Final day was around 1650ks (and a slightly ridiculous 18hrs or so), and the next day I felt fine - so fine that all I wanted to do was go for a ride...

I'll write up a ride report in the next few weeks.
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