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Long distance travel

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I want to know peoples experiences on long distance traveling on the CBR250. What's the longest trip you taken? Was the ride comfortable? Any issues along the way?
My longest ride was a day trip along a winding road in northern Ontario. AWESOME trail.
Next summer I'm thinking of a cross Canada trip.
Any thoughts?
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Go for it.

Longest in one day, 780km from Bangkok to Burma and back.

And a 3 day trip of 1,800km.

The mind felt more tired than the body.
That's a hell of a ride! I live in Bangkapi and drove mine down to Nakhon Si Thammarat, but I took my time and did it in two days. I did about 400km a day, which is about the most I'd want to do in a day on that thing! I ride wearing my padded bicycle shorts, the best thing to wear on a long trip!
Dek van in Bangkok

I know what you mean!!!.. I've just done Chiang Mai to the Burmese boarder, Takilek, roughly 7/800km... lots of fun, but those Thai's just have a habbit of blindly pulling out of side streets & doing other kinds of crazy stuff on you... And all just as you've squirted that throttle!

Man, my nerves are in shreds now, any Thai road is an accident waiting to happen... But other than that, it was a walk in the park.

I love my new CBR250R, but it's just a bit embarassing when podgy kids in school uniforms on suped up scooters go whizzing past you... Great bike, great handling, great grin factor & I'm sure that it's a far, far, far better bike than any scooters out there, but it really ain't that fast!.. Needs another 50cc... And a kick start... And a propper stand... And a comfy seat... And maybe a better rider??
Huh? There is no way any dek van should be passing you, unless you let them! Possibly they could get off the line faster than you, but that shouldn't last long. I live in Bangkapi and have never had one of them even come near me. I just rode to Koh Chang again and surprisingly broke 160km/hr with a tank bag and back pack on. That is plenty fast for me! I ride up and down Ramkhamhaeng daily and the only dek van I see are in my rear view mirror, and even then, not for long!

Is 550 miles hard to ride. It says its an 8 hr trip...
It will take longer than that, with breaks, and you'll be feeling it by the time you get there, but it's definitely doable! However, 300 miles is about all I'd want to do in a day.
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