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Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
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I own the CBR250RD 2013. I bought it second hand with 66,000Km. I was preceded by two owners. The motorcycle worked 50% on urban roads, 50% on highways, In normal riding (NOT sporty).

As part of the "line alignment" treatment, I was required to make an overhaul for the water pump (Replacement of seals and by the way bearings too). With the right crankshaft cover was down, I take the opportunity to check the condition of the Clutch Pads.

Well: I measured a pad thickness of 2.45mm, with the allowable range is 2.5 to 2.3, meaning there is still 50% Pad Thickness left until it needs to be replaced (lower limit 2.27mm).
Note: The pads and the disc plates, and the inner basket and outer basket must be Marked with a Marker, in order to put them back in exactly the same order, and in exactly the same angle. Otherwise the used clutch will be not function properly.


I also checked the springs. All five caught a slight rust on the side closest to the basket, not something significant. I also measured their length, and it is in the normal range: 40.4mm (The minimum allowed is 37.5mm).

In spite I have 50% clutch pads thickness for use, when I checked the clutch lever adjustment I found that the lower adjuster(A) was at the end of is range, and only in the upper adjuster (B) there a full range left??? I found that the clutch cable was rusty and that two individual strands were already torn. So I was Replacing the cable (and I greased it with thick oil). Now the lower adjuster(A) has a free range of 3mm (When adjuster (B) still full IN, full range left).


Long Live The Clutch
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