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Looking for a good mechanic in Sydney to check valve clearances on an MC22

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Hi everyone,

new user here, happy to join the community! My MC22 has started making 'tappity' sounds that increase in speed as the revs of the engine climb. It has 25k on the clock and I don't think the valves have ever been checked, I'm worried they are out of whack. I've spoken to a few mechanics from the book, one said they don't work on bikes that old (1992), the other said he couldn't be bothered to do it!

Can anyone recommend a reliable mechanic in Sydney that knows (and potentially loves) the CBR250RR MC22, who would be willing to check the valves, give her a service and potentially balance the carbs / clean or replace the jets?

I've had a look on the forums and most of the posts are quite old now about the above.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

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Where r u located in Shitney ... if you are down south ...

I've gone to Sydney Performance Motorcyles for years ... they do all the Jap bikes easy ... speak with Brendon ... he knows his stuff ... I even think he's got an MC22 floating around the shop ... I'm sure I saw one when I was there last month for a pink slip. Oh and they pickup with valet service if you don't want the hassle of drop off ... they also loan bikes for the day if you ask nicely ... reasonable rates too ...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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