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Looking for a good mechanic in Sydney to check valve clearances on an MC22

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Hi everyone,

new user here, happy to join the community! My MC22 has started making 'tappity' sounds that increase in speed as the revs of the engine climb. It has 25k on the clock and I don't think the valves have ever been checked, I'm worried they are out of whack. I've spoken to a few mechanics from the book, one said they don't work on bikes that old (1992), the other said he couldn't be bothered to do it!

Can anyone recommend a reliable mechanic in Sydney that knows (and potentially loves) the CBR250RR MC22, who would be willing to check the valves, give her a service and potentially balance the carbs / clean or replace the jets?

I've had a look on the forums and most of the posts are quite old now about the above.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

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Did you try asking the dealer? Depending on your location, you may be hard pressed to find anyone to do work on an older motorcycle.

If you're up to it, I'd encourage you to purchase a factory service manual and do it yourself - valves can be adjusted without removing the engine. There's an awful lot of value in learning how to maintain your own ride! However, those sounds could be just about anything and depends where it is coming from. Do you notice a loss in power or acceleration?
You are right, there is great value in working on your own bike. But I'm at just about zero knowledge, without any tools, and no space to work on her. I think something quite in depth and serious I would prefer to go to someone with the knowledge. But I do plan to start learning more about my bike mechanically :) thanks for the advice!
Enjoy your motorcycle, and ride safely.
For recommendations to good mechanic I suggest you take recommendations from motorcycle riders in your neighborhood.
Valves do not tend be come out of tune, unless you are riding the motorcycle really hard and at a high RPM all the time. It is possible that your valve clearance has never been checked and is still normal. Noises of the type you describe may be due to another common cause: Faulty timing chain tensioner.
If you trust your mechanic explain to him about the noise and let him decide what needs to be fixed, and maybe he will calm you and say it is normal noise?
thanks mate, I will make sure the mechanic takes a good look during the service. I'll need to find some decent facebook pages of bike clubs in the area, see what I can come up with. Thank you!
Not a good idea to observe a professional while he is working. Most of them do not feel comfortable in this situation. A lot of other professionals (not a mechanics) will also not feel comfortable and will not be calm when you staring at them as if they are being tested.
That's why you ask people and ask for recommendations. Arrive at the garage early in the morning, talk to customers, see how the mechanics work there ... but once you've done researching and you entrust the motorcycle to the mechanic, do not stay to look. It's a matter of trust. It does not matter at all what the mechanic does or says he did.
That what is matters:
  • Let the motorcycle be reliable and not get stuck on the road until the next schedule treatment.
  • That the motorcycle stays in the garage for as little time as possible.
  • Your job is to pay as much the mechanics asks (It a matter of trust).
Remember: An old motorcycle should not become a new motorcycle, just should ride and not get stuck on the road.
If there is no trust it is neither good for you nor good for the mechanic.
Nah bro, I’d never watch a mechanic work, where did you get that idea from? I just want to find a good mechanic and leave it with them. let their experience find anything that’s wrong with it and have them fix it under their recommendation.
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