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If your rpm are high when you shift and you roll all of the way out of the throttle before you release the clutch, you'll get that "blocked" feeling. On the CBR, each gear makes about a thousand RPM difference, so if you're taching 6k in fifth and shift to sixth, your rpm should be at about 5k when the clutch goes out to make it smooth (opposite for downshifting - if you're in sixth and 6k and want to go to fifth, have the engine at about 7k when you clutch out.

Remember to modulate the clutch. Although the clutch lever travel (at the ball on the end) is about 2", there's really only an inch that counts - where that inch is depends on the lever adjustment. find that inch, and on either side of it you can be aggressive - but when you're in the engagement range, smooth and slow makes the drivetrain happy.
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