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Yikes, I thought $900 was a steel. My dealers offer was like $1200 for the first five. I didn't take it because I have more time than money and I was already shocked that I was buying a bike before I got my MSF and license!

I am learning to do my own maintenance.

I look at it this way; it is proven that using a checklist and washing hands saves lives. I think something like 15% of deaths from IV infection in hospitals could be prevented by adhering to a checklist and when was the last time you saw a hospital doctor wash their hands? Many probably do, but they are the worst offenders in the hospital. If highly qualified doctors and nurses refuse to use a simple tool that is proven to save lives how thorough do you think the kid doing the maintenance on your motorcycle is likely to be? I don't have to get through ten bikes a day so I can take my time and follow every step line by line and check it off. I do this every time.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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