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She is paying for the damage or putting it through insurance right?

It really shouldn't be that much to fix though.

61100-KPP-T00ZA $138.76

50530-KYJ-305 $8.22

Bar end
53103-KYJ-900 $2.59

Clutch lever
53178-KYJ-305 $8.52

Gear Shift
24720-KYJ-305 $52.32

Total of $202.41

Part numbers are for asteroid black metallic. I didn't check for red.

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It's all good.. we have managed to get the parts for a great price.. a shade over $100 AUD, so everybody's happy :D

There is no point going through insurance these days in Oz, unless its a total loss of course

I work for bike transport company and I can tell you from first hand experience that the insurance company's here write bikes off that suffer very little damage..

A 2011 CBR 250R .. 18km on the clock was dropped in the guys driveway 2 days after he picked it up, broke the indicator, scratched the mirror and somehow snapped the thumb stop of the triple clamp.. Written off...:rolleyes:

Anyway, its a crap story with a happy ending :D................................. not that kind of happy ending........... get your mind out of the gutter :p
I'm surprised they would right it off for dropping it like that, though they are easy to total out because any "damage" to the frame of the bike could consider it totaled. Can't risk sending someone out and finding one of the welds broke in the accident.

Why does Australia get all the good "American" cars haha. I love how all the ones I see on Top Gear are normal family cars with well over 400 hp. It always makes me smile like a little boy.
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