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Michigamme, Michigan in upper peninsula

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My 1st big tour. 500 miles to the upper peninsula, and still another 125 miles to Wisconsin line. It's a different world up here! Believe it or not, MI has one of the longest in-state stretches of almost any US state-- longer than Florida, TN. No where near the breath of California which is 840 miles.

The weather is smazing! It snowed last week & Lake Superior is bitter cold. It was in the 70's today but along the coastline it was 45 deg F with bitter wintry winds! I froze my ars off for stretches along the lake. Whenever route MI-28 veered off the lake and up a hill, temperatures would warm up over 25 degrees.

Pictured: small lake in back of cabin with lots of ice and some snow!

2012 tricolor CBR250R 10-30-2012
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Summer is a sometime thing.

The Upper Peninsula can be chilly, even in summer. I rode across a few years ago at the very beginning of summer, and the temperature at sunrise was 39º Fahrenheit, almost 4º C. I bought a couple of breakfast sandwiches, ate one, and put the other one inside my jacket to keep me warm. That helped.

I was eastbound, and when I crossed the Mackinac Bridge to the Lower Peninsula, the temperature increased substantially. At that time, in 2006, the right lane was more friendly to motorcycle tires than the left lane, for southbound traffic. If you are crossing that bridge, be prepared for some anxious moments on the gridwork, but be confident that you will get accustomed to it, and the grid will shake you but not topple you.

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Excellent suggestion. I went to the UP last fall on the CBR (there's a ride report). Can't wait to go back.
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