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when I changed to commuting to San Mateo and S.F. on 250 instead of car, my cost for petrol and time spent in traffic went down lots!!!
DannoXYZ, you are missing a very significant element in your calculation, and that is:
An accidents.
Motorcyclists absorb every accident in their body. The motorcyclist has no:
  • metal cage to protect him,
  • no seat belts,
  • and no airbags that are as effective as there are in cars.
And the results accordingly, the percentages of injuries, serious injuries, and the percentages of death for motorcyclists are 16 times greater than for those who drive in a car.
  • And who pays the medical expenses?
  • And who bears the burden of loss of work capacity due to severe disability?
The amounts of money in these two sections are huge sums of money!!!💰💰💰
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